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How long does an install take to complete?

Installs typically take around 30 minutes to complete.


Will you come to my home or work to repair my windshield?

We know that people are busy. We want to make the installation of your new windshield as easy as possible. We will come to you.


Will I need to pay anything out of my pocket?

For glass repair, most insurance companies will pick up the tab. However, some times a small deductible may need to be paid to your insurance provider. If your car insurance does not cover glass, we make it easy by allowing you to pay us directly.


What If my Insurance coverage does not include glass coverage?

If this is the case, we make it easy and allow you to pay us directly.


How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

We are glad you asked! You have a few options. You can call us at  480-288-6452 or you can request a quote here.